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Seamus : 087 247 1299
Jimmy : 087 256 3156
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Co. Louth
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Based in Mid Louth; W&W was formed in 1991 to service and sharpen blades and cutters for the Engineering, Woodwork, Meat and Printing industries. Since then the business  has expanded many times and we now sharpen Guillotine blades up to 13ft in length, knives, HSS Blades, Chipper Blades, TCT Saw Blades, Router Cutters and Serrated Profile Cutters to name a few. We also provide Hard Tip Welding services; blade re-building/repair and refurbishing as well as Guillotine and Chipper Blade Welding & Grinding. We also offer recycling services for old unusable blades.

In 2000 W&W installed grinding equipment for sharpening Clipper Blades for the animal grooming and hair styling industries. We have the capabilities to sharpen almost any type of blade available in the market today. We also supply many of these blades; so if you'd like a quotation please call us on the number above or drop us an email from our Contact Us page.

We have a purpose built service centre in Adamstown, Dunleer, Co. Louth with the facilities to provide a high quality grinding services for all your cutting tools. For further information on the types of blades we typically sharpen check out our Services section or click on any of the links on the right of your screen.
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