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Blade Sharpening is based 5km from Dunleer in Co. Louth. We are a family run business, and appreciate each and every one of our customers. First generation to second generation, we have over 50 years combined experience and expertise in providing leading edge solutions to blade sharpening for all industries. Our aim is to provide a service, that is dependable and professional, to the woodworking, grooming, engineering, printing & meat Industries, as well as to the domestic and agricultural sectors.

From the sharpening of TCT saw blades, HSS blades and clipper blades to name a few, to the sale of new blades, we have all angles covered. We also specialise in the grinding and repair of Brake Press Tooling. We sharpen blades from routers and planer blades to hedge cutters and grooming scissors. We make Bandsaw blades to size and aim to provide, when we can, new blades to suit your needs.

Combined with the installation of CNC grinding machines for guillotine and circular blades, we are the premier grinding specialist in Ireland and the best place to service the needs of all industries. Blade Sharpening combines time-tested techniques, superior materials and tomorrow’s technology to restore your cutting tools accuracy and durability at affordable rates. We have a purpose-built service centre in Drumcar to provide a high-quality grinding service for all your cutting tools.

We can arrange pick-up and return of goods to all parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland.

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We sharpen blades for all industries, from large scale engineering firms to dog groomers.

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